We at Extremezone want to offer all guests and visitors a really fun and awesome experience! We think that movement and laughter is important, which is why we have combined these things in our business and business concept!

We have several years of experience in building experience parks and will constantly strive for new cool experiences.

Extremezone loves gaming! We will focus a lot on offering our guests new and cool VR experiences.

With us, it is important that the staff is committed, so we invest in having awesome and professional employees in all areas of the business and out on the sports hall.

At Extremezone, we treat everyone well and show care, love and respect for each other!
We have zero tolerance for bullying and abuse!

Sustainability - “We Reuse”

In our business, we strive to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. As part of our environmental work, we only use reconditioned electronics such as TVs, computers and mobile phones.

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