Extremezone has action-packed activities such as:

  • Climbing walls!
  • Ninja tracks for both adults and our younger children.
  • Convertible parkour scaffolding.
  • A cool sports arena!
  • Halfpipe and two large foampits with different trampolines.
  • Tumblinglane, jumptowers, jumpwall with high performance trampolines.
  • VR! Do not miss the world news kazooki Battle where you can play up to 10 people at the same time (not included in a regular entrance ticket but purchased separately)

Holidays *
Monday- Thursday: SEK 99 up to 2 hours
Friday: Book online: SEK 145 up to 2 hours, Dropin: SEK 160 up to 2 hours
* This price does not apply on study days & school holidays (Malmö city) and on red days, then the weekend price applies.

Please note our opening hours, if you book the last hour before we close, you can stay 1 hour and not 2.

Weekends & holidays

Monday- Sunday: Book online SEK 145 for 1 hour, Dropin SEK 160 for 1 hour
Buy for an extra hour:

Book Online: SEK 59
Dropin: 65 kr

Daypass SEK 290 Stay all day (can be bought on weekends and holidays)

Holiday card SEK 299, Jump 1 hour a day on both Jump and Extremezone (valid for 10 days during holidays such as sports holidays, Easter holidays, autumn holidays)

VR SEK 99 / person, 1 game lasts for 10 minutes and you can be up to 10 players at a time

3-99 years. 
Those over the age of 10 are allowed to be at Extremezone themselves. 
Those under 3 years of age are not allowed to use our equipment and operations. 
Those between 3-6 years must have an adult's supervision and presence throughout the stay.

On the weekend there are always many visitors and it can take a while to check in, we recommend that you arrive between 15-25 minutes before the booked time.

Trampoline socks should be used on our trampolines. We also sell these!
It is absolutely possible to use previously purchased trampoline socks, also from other manufacturers!

Jeans, hoodies and other clothing with chains are not allowed.
You must not wear keys and other sharp objects when using our equipment.

Indoor shoes are allowed to be used in the convertible parkour part.

We have two different types of cabinets: In the changing rooms there are cabinets that can be locked with your own padlock. In the wardrobe there are lockable cabinets at a cost of 10 SEK or 1 token, tokens are available to buy in our exchange machine.

We definitely have awesome kids parties in our so-called VIP ROOMS! From SEK 230 / participant We have various cool party packages that you can choose from 

No, you should follow around the park to make sure that the experience is safe for your child, you do not have to pay, if you want to be active in the park yourself, you buy admission

If you have booked a party, you can cancel this free of charge up to 24 hours before, should you need to cancel closer, you will be charged SEK 500.

If you have booked regular admission or VR, you can cancel this free of charge until your start time. You know that you can cancel yourself in your booking confirmation.

If you have prepaid in your booking, the reservation will be released at your bank in connection with you canceling and no money will be deducted from your account.

If you know which allergies it is, you can enter these under "own comment" in your party booking, if you find out about these afterwards, email us at info@extremezone.se then we will help you put in the allergies.


Holiday-free weekdays, the climb opens at 2 pm and is open until we close for the day.
On weekends and holidays, we open the climb at 11 am

Ni kan tex. Rent our entire Mixed VR Arena, run competitions in the ninja tracks or climbing walls.

With us you will find luxurious coffee drinks from our espresso machine with freshly ground coffee beans. For this you will also find muffins, cakes, fruit and various sweets.
We serve boiled Wiener sausage with bread as a replenishment of energy.

Yes we have parkour courses on Tuesdays, volt courses on Mondays and Thursdays and XZCamp on holidays. 

At the moment, we keep our bachelorette and bachelorette party packages closed. But keep an eye on the website when these are bookable again

Absolutely! To see prices, free times and to make your booking, select the package "RENT THE ENTIRE XZ FOR YOURSELF" under "Book now"
Safety is the most important part of Extremezone! Our supplier of the trampoline park is Europe's largest trampoline park supplier ELI PLAY and they build everything according to the British Standard PAS5000. The material is fire rated and you will find extra trampoline mats under the foampits. Under the trampolines themselves there are also extra nets. The ninja courses are built according to the British standard PAS5000. The climbing walls are built according to European Standards. A requirement for our guests before engaging in activity on our equipment is to take part in our safety video. If you have questions about safety, you are always welcome to contact us at info@extremezone.se

For your and other visitors' safety, we have several rules of procedure that must be followed. These rules of procedure are available both on screens and on the various activities.

If these rules are not followed, you may be asked to leave Extremezone without refund.

With us you can surf freely, you will find the password on the receipt!

No, if you want to join Extremezone without being active in the park yourself, you do not have to pay.

You make your booking on the website under "groups", where you can take part in our group prices (at least 10 people). If you want to pay by invoice, you choose this in your booking confirmation. At least 1 leader in the park together with the group per 10 participants, 2 leaders if you are 20 participants, etc.

In your booking confirmation, you can make changes yourself if you become more or fewer people than you booked for.


No, you are not allowed to bring your own food to Extremezone but you are warmly welcome to shop in our café 😊


Yes, to use the activities together with the user but only pay for the user, you need to show a companion certificate at the checkout. Socks are not included but this needs to be purchased
If you want to follow around the park without using the activities, you do not need a companion certificate