We follow the recommendations of the public health authority and really want to help prevent Covid 19 in these times.

For you as a guest, it is now extra important to stay at home if you feel the slightest bit sick. If you have already booked and paid, we will of course solve this so you can visit us when you are healthy and alert.

Our focus on cleaning is now as before large and we have expanded the cleaning of contact areas in the room.

Our actions

* We are happy to see that you wash your hands immediately when you come to our park.

* We have hand alcohol available in our premises

* At group check-in, let one person stand in line at the checkout so that distance can be kept in the queue.

* We ask all parents who have children at parties not to stay in the meantime. An adult is included in the total number of guests and that place can instead provide an opportunity for another child to come in and jump and have fun.

* We want only one adult per 2 children to come in to make room for more children in the park.

* Keep your distance and respect the rules in the park

* Cough and sneeze into the armpit, then wash your hands immediately.

We want to be a safe park for our guests and employees when you visit us.

Thank you for your understanding and support

Take care!

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