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Opening hours VR

Thursday at 16-19
Friday at 16-20
Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday at 12-18

Holidays at 12-7pm
Study days at 16-19

If you want to play VR outside of our opening hours, please visit The VR arena inside Triangelns Köpcenter is open every day of the week!

Don't miss our OFFER SEK 99/player!

Zombie Zone

Zombie Zone is a virtual reality game where you and up to 7 other players must save the world by killing "The Goliath".

First you have to try to survive the hordes of zombies by using different weapons and teamwork. You also get support from air strikes, weapons dropping and gas bombs… but do not get stuck without your gas mask…

Kazooki Battle VR

Sweden's first multiplayer VR game with 10 players!

Play from 2 people up to 10 people where all players interact with each other.

Kazooki Battle is inspired by the classic game of ghost ball / dodge ball. You must defend yourself, avoid being hit and above all dot others but also dot scoreboards.

The game counts both team points and individual points and the team with the most points wins.

Kazooki Battle VR is built in three different uniquely designed environments. A futuristic world, a wild west world and a pirate world.

Each world is specially designed in a family-friendly way.

Games AREA: 100 m2.

Maximum player: 10 players

Minimum player: 2 players

Team vs Team

Points: Individual and team points

Age: 8+ years

Opening offer SEK 99 / player (regular price SEK 129 / player)

Game length: varying approx. 9 min
Who can play? children from 8 years, families, young people, corporate events, bachelor parties, bachelor parties, parties etc.

Watch your step

Watch Your Step will test your balance as you walk along a beam that goes higher and higher up in the sky.

You must also use your crossbow to shoot down targets. Your speed and accuracy will determine your points.

Be careful not to get too close to the edge otherwise you will FALL!

Power Bow

Power Bow is an archery game where you have to protect the village houses from monsters that will attack both from the ground and from the air.
Get different power-ups that make your bow much stronger and help you defeat the monsters and don't forget to watch out for the octopus bubbles.

Power Bow is a single player game which means you run it yourself but you can still compare your scores with each other.

Catapult Crash

In this unique game, you control a giant catapult that you yourself have to fill with large stone balls. Feel what it's like, with a real simulation, to hurl the marbles at structures that fall like a house of cards if you dot correctly.

This experience is based on how a real catapult works with Earth's gravity versus how much you tighten the catapult down.

Samurai Slice

In this classic arcade game, you "slice and dice" a whole storm of fruit and vegetables thrown your way. Perform masterful combo strikes to maximize your scoring streak to reach the top of the highscore list. BUT watch out for dangerous items that reset your combo streak.

Common questions & answers

Our VR games are experienced in purpose-built VR arenas that are equipped with high-quality VR headsets and related equipment for an optimal experience. Welcome to book an appointment and experience exciting VR games with us!

Malmö VR is located at Entré Köpcentrum, Fredsgatan 10 in Malmö. You will find us in Extremezone's premises.

VR is a unique and engaging gaming experience, but it is also a relatively expensive investment. Here at Malmö VR, we offer a total experience in virtual reality experiences with high-quality equipment on a customized course where you have the opportunity to play together in groups or single.

We at Malmö VR offer experiences for both groups and single players. There are good games here that are suitable for both single players and groups.

Contact the staff if you have any questions or book your game today!