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Extremezone offers everything you need to arrange the ultimate stag or hen party in Malmö. Here you can book a day full of exciting and fun activities for the whole gang. There are lots of tips and ideas for creating a memory of the day that the bride, groom and everyone in attendance will be talking about for a long time afterwards.


Book your bachelorette party or bachelorette party at Extremezone where you compete and challenge the lucky one!

Climbing competition! Climb against each other on time- Challenge at high altitudes
Ninjabana on time or the pace you dare
Foampits! Who jumps out of trampolines into the sea of foam?
Price including instructor and socks SEK 269 / person. At least 6 participants.
Price per person DKK 269

Plan your stag/hen party at Extremezone

If you are planning a bachelor party in Malmö or a hen party in Malmö, Extremezone is the place to start. With a wide range of activities, you are sure to find something to suit the whole group. Follow these tips to plan the best day together with your friends:

Make sure that everyone is available on the day you plan to meet and sign up for the activities well in advance. It is important that you get a place and that the whole group can participate.

Discuss with the bride/groom and the group which activities you want to do during the day. Find out what is possible to do at Extremezone and book them.

Think about whether you want to eat at Extremezone or whether you will bring your own food and drinks. If you want to go out to eat in Malmö after the activities, book a table at a restaurant in advance.

Make sure everyone knows what is needed for the day, such as clothes, shoes and any costs.

The most important thing is that you have fun together and create memories for life.

Examples of some of our activities

At Extremezone, you can choose from many different activities that are suitable for both stag and hen parties. Here are some of the fun and challenging activities you can do together:

Challenge each other at high altitudes and see who can climb the climbing wall the fastest.

Play team-based archery and try to hit the opposing team's players without getting hit yourself.

Think about whether you want to eat at Extremezone or whether you will bring your own food and drinks. If you want to go out to eat in Malmö after the activities, book a table at a restaurant in advance.

Make your way through a course with various obstacles and challenges in time or at the pace you dare.

Jump off trampolines into a sea of foam and see who makes the prettiest landing.

Test the latest technology in virtual reality and experience exciting game experiences together with your friends.

common questions and answers

You have a stag or hen party to celebrate the groom or bride-to-be together with their closest friends. It's a day filled with fun and memorable activities that strengthen friendships and provide a break from wedding planning.

A reasonable price for a hen party can vary depending on which activities you choose and if you include food and drinks. At Extremezone, a 3-fight package costs SEK 269 per person, which can be a good starting point when planning your budget.

Girls can do a variety of things at a bachelorette party, depending on the interests of the bride and the group. Activities can include everything from spa days and wine tasting to more adventurous experiences such as rock climbing and paintball. The most important thing is to have fun and create memories together.

A stag or hen party is usually held a few weeks to a few months before the wedding. It is good to plan well in advance so that all participants can book the date and prepare for the day.

More tips for a successful stag/hen party

If you want to do even more during your day in Malmö, there are several other fun activities and sights to discover around the city. Here are some tips to make your stag or hen party in Malmö even more memorable:

Try a fun combination of soccer and golf, where you have to kick a ball through a course with different obstacles and challenges.

Have the whole gang work together to solve tricky puzzles and escape from a locked room within a certain time.

Explore Malmö's history, culture and architecture with a knowledgeable guide who will show you around the city.

Play a game of boules together and relax with something to eat and drink in a French-inspired setting.

Pack a basket of goodies and enjoy a pleasant time outdoors in one of the city's beautiful green areas.

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